Mistress Winter's Panties

Do you want to own Mistress Winter's panties? If you love the hot sexy aroma of worn panties, you can buy a pair of used panties from Mistress Winter. 

I will wear your favourite panties while doing your choice of activity. I can offer from a range of sexy panties. Choose from selected styles and colours. Each pair is worn with you specifically in mind.


Your chosen panties will be worn for up to 12 hours then placed into a zip-lock bag for your pleasure. Extended wear, gym time and intimate requests are available.

Any additional requests are negotiable.

Standard wear and panties style is $50 including postage. (+$20 per additional 12 hour wear). Your panties will be sent discreetly in the post. 

Contact me now to talk about your dream panties!


How to order Mistress Winter's panties 

1. Choose your selected panties colour and style

2. Email or text me your specific requests

3. Arrange payment by email or text 

4. Upon receipt of payment I will email you photos of the panties and holding a hand written note with your name

5. I will wear your panties as requested and place into a zip-lock bag for delivery

6, Package is delivered in plain packaging via post or courier

7. Enjoy your custom worn Mistress Winter panties